lens mod

  1. R

    GoPro Hero 4+ Black w/RECTALINEAR Lens - $320 (free ship)

    Price Drop to $300 Need a Gopro for your SOLO? Eh? Had enough FISHEYE - need a real WIDEANGLE lens that flies well? Here it is. The usual fisheye lens has been replaced with a 3.37mm rectalinear lens with excellent quality, professionally installed by Peau Productions in San Diego. See...
  2. SurfnSkate81

    Peau Productions vs Back-Bone Ribcage

    I thinking about getting rid of the dreaded fisheye and sick of getting the left leg in my shots even when flying slow. I want to keep shooting with wide and use the full width of the cameras sensor and can't find a solution in post (DaVinci Resolve Lite) that does not crop my image and resize...
  3. TheBasicPilot

    Build video Follow up to the "Sneak Peek" video.

    Last week I posted the Sneak Peek from the Engineering Labs of The Basic Pilot. Today I am posting the build video. I didn't record an actual build video so I took the rig apart and recorded that. And here is the original video Subscribe if you like it.