1. Doug Benson

    I hate to kick a dead drone but my video is killing me!

    Let me start be telling all the things I have done, I believe I have a 1st batch solo but I'm not sure. I've had it for almost a year, but I had to wait for the gimbal for what seemed like forever. Ok here it goes... I have vibration and sometimes some minor jello issues. I have set my GP4 black...
  2. Ian [P13]

    HDMI outer shielding mod

    This mod isn't my idea, Fred Vandeman on the Solo Facebook User Group came up with this, I was sceptical about this working, but it does. 3DR can't condone this mod, but at the same time, they've not said don't do it, with some mods they do, so that's what made me think it was worth a try. In...
  3. Mauiwind

    Vibration Isolation

    I'm seeing that isolating the vibration of the camera needs to be addressed. Yes of course, I balanced the props. But there's those nasty pixel blurs (J E L L O) that occur. What say ye, my fellow Solo survivors?