1. S

    Can't arm and launch Solo using Solex

    Hello, I've been having issues when trying to arm and launch the Solo using missions in Solex. Im able to connect to the solo, load the mission into Solex but can't seem to figure out how to send the mission to the Solo, arm and launch it. The mission manual says that once you select the...
  2. A

    Problems/Fly awaw crash with new Solo

    Hello all, I bought my Solo a few weeks ago and seem to be running into some issues. First of after unboxing I updated the app, Solo, controller, and GoPro. They should all be on the latest firm/software I know Solo and controller is 2.4. Now for the issues: 1. Hovering- My Solo does not hover...
  3. P

    Update and factory reset issue.

    So during my last software update my drone froze. I was told to complete a factory reset but the drone will not reset either. The LEDs stay green and do not cycle. Has anyone else run into this? I'm extremely frustrated as I am going to Hawaii in 2 days and now have a drone that can't be reset.
  4. ApClarke

    CABLE CAM freezing app issue

    Hi. I have an issue with Cable Cam smart shot freezing my device. It wont fly the cable or exit out of it either. Has anybody else had this happen to them? Cheers
  5. S

    Firmware 1.3 Pros & Cons

    OK had my first real play with the Solo on android with firmware V1.3 and App at V1.3. First of all once I got it going this thing is seriously stable and fun to fly. V1.3 fixes most of the shitty flight characteristics I had previously so Thanks 3DR and hope there is more to come. Now for the...