iris parts

  1. S

    Iris 3DR setup for sale

    Iris 3DR with contoller and some extras. The gimble may have been upgraded and there might be some other improvements. Controller does power up. I took it on trade and haven’t even tried to fly it. Moving now, so I thought I’d see if anybody is interested. I’m in Canada, but will be in...
  2. D

    Iris+ 915 newbie question

    Hello. i am newbie and iris+ is my first personal drone but ive been flying with my classmate's RTF drone. So here is it. I bought an iris+ for 500$ is it much for an iris+ 915 today? it doesnt include a gimbal and camera in the 500$. next question, what is the best gimbal for iris+ a 2d or...
  3. R

    Iris Case & Accessories for Sale!

    Lost our precious Iris drone literally on it's 3rd flight, but have some amazing unused accessories including a GPC case. I prefer not to piece out and sell individual items. Available items: GPC Case, transmitter, 3 propellers, battery, battery charger, FPV accessories, landing gear Selling...
  4. Dave Folts

    3DR releases Iris parts to 3D printers

    I just noticed this on diydrones: Design files for IRIS+ now open source – DIY Drones Yeah!
  5. Dave Folts

    Iris+ parts via 3D printing

    3DR released the 3D print files for the Iris to the public. Check out this blog post on diydrones: Design files for IRIS+ now open source – DIY Drones