1. S

    Iris 3DR setup for sale

    Iris 3DR with contoller and some extras. The gimble may have been upgraded and there might be some other improvements. Controller does power up. I took it on trade and haven’t even tried to fly it. Moving now, so I thought I’d see if anybody is interested. I’m in Canada, but will be in...
  2. Todd Prince


    Email me for all your 3dr parts needs .x8 Iris y6.. LEDs to kits.. bought the whole lot from 3dr!! [email protected]
  3. B

    Found 3DR IRIS+ w/Hero 3+

    I found a 3DR IRIS+ with a GoPro Hero 3. The owner flew it into a tall closed building back in 2015. Now at Oct 2017, the building was entered for restoration and on the top level we found the drone. I have contacted GoPro support and left my email address for the device serial number in case...
  4. 3

    Solo swarms - mission planner

    Hello, I have 2 Solos, I'm able to connect them to mission planner individually via UDP. But is there a way I can connect them both at the same time to do some basic swarm operation? I've looked around, I found the ROS option for swarming, but that's really not autonomous. Has anyone tried...
  5. R

    Solo and Iris owners: Would the Solo fit in a Iris hard case?

    I have an opportunity to buy an Iris hard case for under $100. From a dimension comparison, the Solo is slightly smaller so it looks like it should fit in the case with some 'alterations' to the foam cutouts. The long dimension of the Iris body is perpendicular to the long axis of the rotor...
  6. Marcus van Soest

    IRIS+ Parameter file..

    Howdy members, I am new to this group and have a very bad concentration so I am not able to read all forum topics on this issue.. I am a linux user and run APM planner, did a firmware upgrade on my IRIS+ but lost telemetry connection.. At Configuration>Full parameterslist I cannot find a...
  7. A

    Need a good Iris Plus parts distributor

    I've had my Iris Plus just over a year now and of course a few weeks ago, had the worst crash I've had to date. It got caught in a tree and then fell out and destroyed the gimbal, snapped one of the arms and two of the props were sheared in half. I thought to myself, "No problem, this is only a...
  8. V

    New Android Gaming App specially for 3DR Iris+

    Hi All, I really like my Iris+ so I created an android app just for this drone to make it more fun and interactive Link for the APP: DroneAcharya - Android Apps on Google Play Link to the intro video: This is a first ever app which uses a real drone and present users with stages what they...
  9. J

    Some of you landed IRIS+ in their hands?

    Hi friends, Some of you landed IRIS+ in their hands?. This is possible?. Do you have any recommendations?. Flight with iris in field and to land on floor is complicated by the plants and trees. There are places with high slopes and it is impossible. Thanks
  10. R

    Tower won't connect to Iris+ ... HELP!

    Okay... I have an IRIS+... flies great, but I'm a newbie at it. I have a Nexus tablet and the 3DR telemetry radio plugged in (correctly -- blue plug into bottom of tablet). Problem is, I tap Connect and nothing happens. The radio's LED flashes green with the occasional red blip. Iris is on and...
  11. P

    Iris battery losing charge in minutes

    I am fairly new to flying drones. My new 3DR Iris drone does not retain charge. I bough the drone and the batteries couple of months ago and I have flown them about 5 times so far. After I put the battery in within minutes the voltage as read in the handheld radio controller comes from 10+ volts...