1. McSolo

    IOS Mapping Apps/downloads

    Greetings all! Just joined the group to find out if there are any 3D mapping apps or programs available for the Solo to use with an IOS device? i.e. iPad mini 2 etc. Sorry if it has been covered before but I just can't seem to find any!! Thanks in advance. Regards,
  2. 3

    GoPro Info shows up on my footage?

    Hi All, Just tried to film direct to my iPad and the Gopro Status appears on the footage, any ideas how to make this just capture the footage only, not the info. Cheers Dave
  3. Tbrereton

    SidePilot - iOS GroundStation for 3DR Solo, Arducopter and PX4!

    Hi! Version 1.1 was just released of SidePilot, the iOS Groundstation app for 3DR Solo, Arducopter and PX4 (formerly called iMavlink). New features include: New Name! Easy PID Tuning using sliders Calibrate Radio trims Increased PX4 Support Set Flight Modes Arrow that points towards your...
  4. S

    Breaking down our Sunshades for the Professional Drone Pilot and Aerial DOP's

    Hey guys just created a video that explains our line of Sunshades and helps you figure out what would be right for your needs. Check out all our shades and drone accessories at www.aerialdroneaccessories.com.