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    Quad-C ESCs

    Hi Folks! I'm looking for some information with regards to some legacy hardware, the Quad-C from 3DR: https://3dr.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Quad-C-DIY-Assembly-Instructions-WEB.pdf I have these ESCs: https://3dr.com/support/articles/esc_20_amp_with_simonk/ 1. Does anyone have a user...
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    Problems/Fly awaw crash with new Solo

    Hello all, I bought my Solo a few weeks ago and seem to be running into some issues. First of after unboxing I updated the app, Solo, controller, and GoPro. They should all be on the latest firm/software I know Solo and controller is 2.4. Now for the issues: 1. Hovering- My Solo does not hover...