help gimbal

  1. C

    Gimbal Stuck Blinking Orange/Yellow

    I came across an odd problem today. I flew my Solo yesterday, worked fine, but when I went to fly it today, the gimbal had a flashing orange/yellow light and was limp. Hoping someone knows a fix, or where to buy a new one cheap. I bought my gimbal new for $50, and I only see new ones for...
  2. june03dr


    So i see prices for 3DR gimbals are through the roof. Does anyone on here know if i can buy a 3 axis gimbal other than the one made for the solo? Seems like soon they will be gone.
  3. B

    Won't record with gimbal

    Hey everyone I'm very new I actually got my solo 4 days ago but I recently purchased the gimbal for solo and installed it and on my live feed it has a white circle on the right of My screen where I should be able to push and start recording but it won't let me every time I push it it does...
  4. B

    Solo Gimbal dont work

    My Solo Gimbal won't work after 1.3 update My gimbal work well before the 1.3 update.Gimbal's led would be green when i turn on the solo.My gimbal's led is breathing red after 1.3 update,. I reseted my solo without(with) gimbal,but gimbal still not work.The led is breathing red. What can i do ...