1. Nimbus Ninja

    Your favorite handheld GoPro Gimbal under $250

    For those of you who "take GoPro where the drone don't go" what do you prefer to use for handheld gimbals or steady/glide cams? My experience is the device is too light for most, not all, glide/steady cams. Motorized gimbals seem to give better results. What do you like to use?
  2. J

    Solo Gimbal - Handheld conversion

    What would be involved to take a Solo gimbal and make a hand held unit? It has a HDMI out as well as is 3 axis. What a great start. I have basic electronic knowledge. Wish list... Charge GoPro 4 Silver from power source Wired HDMI to onboard monitor Possibility to control pan and tilt. Wired...