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  1. E

    Solex vs Tower for survey mapping

    I have the Solex app and Tower app. I am exploring the pro's and con's of both. In addition , trying to figure out the best settings for the GoPro and Solo speed to capture quality images to be stitched. So on that note below are the questions: 1. What are the pro's and con's of Solex and Tower...
  2. Tbrereton

    SidePilot - iOS GroundStation for 3DR Solo, Arducopter and PX4!

    Hi! Version 1.1 was just released of SidePilot, the iOS Groundstation app for 3DR Solo, Arducopter and PX4 (formerly called iMavlink). New features include: New Name! Easy PID Tuning using sliders Calibrate Radio trims Increased PX4 Support Set Flight Modes Arrow that points towards your...