great barrier reef

  1. Vernon Deck

    Babes on Board #2

    Week two with Ylva and Tina aboard. Whitehaven Beach has 99.7% pure silica sand, which makes it pretty white and amazingly soft. Its pretty windy(20knots) when we visit but I decided to fly Solo anyway and end up getting some pretty nice shots of Tina enjoying the beach.
  2. Vernon Deck

    Solo Sailing mission to Hook Reef

    A perfect weather window presented itself so I took off on a solo mission out to Hook Reef, about 8 hours sail from the mainland. Four days of amazingness followed! Great sunsets, good spearfishing and some encounters with sharks made for an epic adventure. The sea was calm enough that I could...
  3. Vernon Deck

    Middle Percy Island with Solo

    We sail to the amazing little Island of Middle Percy, park Nautilus in the lagoon and settle in for 2 weeks of tropical island bliss, coconuts and all. Solo came along too.