gps lost

  1. reelcrazyfish

    Solo - Loss of GPS connection, followed by hard landing - with video

    Been flying at least once a day now for about a week but just had a minor issue today. While flying, the controller told me it lost GPS connection and switched me to manual flight - even though the controller visibly indicated it was tracking 10 satellites. I begin flying back home, GPS signal...
  2. M

    Solo crash, looking for feedback

    Hello all. I was flying my Solo this past weekend and had good GPS signals. During the flight my drone may have lost GPS signal unexpectedly for no reason, but it all happened so quickly, so I am not even sure at this point. How quickly do the controls switch over to manual when GPS connections...
  3. Mauiwind

    GPS lost in open areas

    I'm wondering what might be the issue. I'm noticing a seemingly intermittent loss of GPS signal in a wide open area. It comes back after some 10-20 seconds of manual flight. (200' above houses) I can't seem t repeat the error. Any clues? i guess I should do a level and compass cal, to rule...