1. Perry Lawrence

    Solo with Gimbal, Hero4 Black and GPC Backpack

    Hey all, not using my Solo enough to warrant keeping it out of the sky so offering it here. 1. Solo - 10 flights, no crashes 2. mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N 3. Gimbal - works perfectly 4. Hero4 Black 5. Solo controller 6. 2x Screen mounts (standard one for phones, one set up for iPad2) 7. 3x...
  2. FinniKris

    Tinker Time Treehouse - Neo-M8N GPS Upgrade and other DIY Solo Projects

    Hey gang! Me again... and I decided to make a video showing the basic installation of the mRobotics Neo-M8N GPS chip. I'm replacing my Rev A / Original GPS in the Solo. I have previously installed the V2 GPS Shield and you will see it here. Also: part way through this installation I realized...
  3. R

    Iris Case & Accessories for Sale!

    Lost our precious Iris drone literally on it's 3rd flight, but have some amazing unused accessories including a GPC case. I prefer not to piece out and sell individual items. Available items: GPC Case, transmitter, 3 propellers, battery, battery charger, FPV accessories, landing gear Selling...
  4. z-axis

    Solo GPC Case $150 SOLD!

    (SOLD) I am selling my lightly-used Solo GPC Case. It's in near-new condition and is ready for a new home. Buyer pays shipping, which should be $20-30 for FedEx Ground. PM me if interested! -Brit (aka z-axis)