gimbal balance

  1. L

    gimbal and GP4B issue after GreenCube update

    Hi all, After GC upgrade, my gimbal doesn't work well, it does crazy and the gimbal's LED is red, I have video feed but no gopro control, gimbal is fully roll. So I land, power cycle Solo and it's OK. I've also open the Solo and the gimbal and check all the connections, all seem OK. Another...
  2. Justfredioregon

    Gimbal Dance & Tango!

    (If this post is in the wrong thread, please place my post where it belongs... Ty Admins..) Hey guys, It's me again with a new gimbal problem, that may not be so new to some of you guys out there. Well, here goes. I've just recently started having this (new to me) gimbal problem, it...
  3. marineyeh

    How to Stabilize your SOLO's footage

    This website is not yet finished. But recently I saw so many people meet the same problems I'v faced before. There are some basic concepts of balancing of Drone. Those methods some I found from google from so many SOLO pilots's suggests, then I use about three months tests try them all on my...