1. Curt

    For Sale: 3DR Solo, Controller, Gimbal, Backpack - $350+shipping

    I am selling my 3DR Solo and related kit. Would prefer to sell everything as a single bundle rather than parting out components. Asking $350 + shipping. Can only ship inside the US. Kit includes: 1 3DR Solo with Gimbal installed 1 3DR Solo Backpack 2 Batteries 1 Battery Charger 1 Controller 1...
  2. A

    Solo parts still available

    These are still for sale, Please DM me if you want to buy! 1x controller -- SD epoxied into place and like new [$150] 2x black motor pods -- like new [$35 each] 1x grey motor pods -- like new [$35 each] 1x solo body and board -- problems as above and the shell is cracked in two places but I...
  3. B

    ****3dr solo for sale***gimbal***backpack****

    For sale is: -3dr solo quadcopter flown less than 10 times without gimbal and only once with the gimbal -total of 2 batteries -3dr solo gimbal -3dr solo backpack used once...still has tags on it. 1325 obo...feel free to make offer Not willing to separate items at this time Only paypal or local...
  4. S

    Brand New Gimbal (Solo)

    Here selling extra gimbal i received when they shipped straight from 3dr. I totally forgot about it, its over 30 days return. Brand new, never installed, shipped from 3dr. $380 shipped anywhere in usa