1. E

    Fisheye Removal Streching vid

    I am using a GoPro Hero4 to record video with the factory lens. After using Prodad ProDenalin or GoPro software, objects in the side of the video stretch. Look the cars entering and leaving the video. Any suggestions?
  2. SurfnSkate81

    Peau Productions vs Back-Bone Ribcage

    I thinking about getting rid of the dreaded fisheye and sick of getting the left leg in my shots even when flying slow. I want to keep shooting with wide and use the full width of the cameras sensor and can't find a solution in post (DaVinci Resolve Lite) that does not crop my image and resize...
  3. K

    Non-Fisheye GoPro Hero 3+ Replacement Lens

    Howdy All, I am looking to replace my stock GoPro lens with something that doe not have the wide angle fisheye effect, without spending $hundreds. Don't want to do the rib cage just yet... Has anyone replaced their lens and what did you use? Thanks, Bill