firmware update

  1. R

    Have updated the controller but NOT the copter

    Hey everybody I just tried to use my 3DR Solo after about 2 years of it in my cupboard and after not being able to download the 3DR app I downloaded Sidepilot. I managed to update my controller with Sidepilot to Open Solo 4 firmware but not the drone itself (long story - couldn't remember the...
  2. Flyivan

    Motors not accelerating

    Installed SidePilot for the 1st time and after all the calibrations my motors start but don’t accelerate. Anybody knows why? how can I fix this please.
  3. F

    Updating Solo agnostic from 3DR

    Sorry for the retread but someone posted a great video on updating firmware that is a greater rev than 3DR and I can't find the gdarn thing. Help while I still have some alone time and cold beer, danka.
  4. carpy

    Autopilot Firmware Upgrade from 1.3.1 to 1.5.3

    Please use Open Solo to upgrade your firmware to 1.5.3. I will leave these instructions here in case you do not have Solex/SidePilot and want to upgrade just the firmware. documentation/ at master · OpenSolo/documentation · GitHub A few of us have upgraded and tested the latest release...