1. Doug Benson

    What the hell is wrong with the Batteries failing so fast!

    I have 2 Solos and 5 batteries... 1 Solo and 4 Batteries are just under 1 and a half years old. 2 of them crash almost immediately cant do more than maybe 2.5 minutes of video and I better be landing super fast or I'm falling out of the sky. WTF? The other 3, 2 of which last about 10 minutes if...
  2. J

    When Flying Solo Goes Wrong (almost) | Drone Crash

    During a video shoot, our 3DR Solo drone randomly decided to go into "Return Home Mode". You don't know exactly where your home location is when you're in the middle of the lake. After tracking it down, our boat stalled right before we were able to reach it. This is the result.
  3. A

    Solo Gimble Tilts/Points Towards Landing Leg

    I have purchased 2 Gimbles. Both of them worked fine for a little bit, then started to tilt and point towards the left leg. I tried balancing with weights, and rerouting the HDMI and power cables. No change. I internet chatted 3DR and they told me probably a motor failure, and they would have...
  4. D

    Solo Bricked. Getting really sick of 3DR support's delays.

    So I've had a problem out of the box, my controller will not shut down after an update the "device updated" check mark is displayed. Chatted with tech support, they said not to worry, if the controller has not shut it self off or left the update completed screen half for half an hour, to simply...
  5. N

    Gimbal dust guard

    Like many others, I'm having major issues with the gimbal going limp every 45 seconds or so. While uninstalling the gimbal, I noticed that dirt, dust, debris can easily get inside. For a device that is used in the outdoors, sure does collect a LOT OF DIRT inside the control board.