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    Hello, i'm trying fly my solo in FLY mode but when I try to start the motors nothing happens, not even the yellow bar comes out. I did restore factory the solo. Can someone help me please?
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    3dr solo gopro problems....

    so i had error with my gopro when i used my 3dr and i was told my sd card wasnt the right card for it and that i needed to buy one that said it was compatible with a gopro..and i did and now i can only record like 2minutes and it just wont let me push record again.i dont see an error but it may...
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    Gopro didnt record complex scene

    i was shooting good scenes the week end, but the most complex one, a scene of about 6 min wasnt recorded on my go pro, when downloading the files i got a message of an error from gopro and the scene isnt there. Any idea of what happened? (Btw i have the hole scene on my mobile at low res)