1. jimloss

    CyberLink Photo and Video Editing Software

    Any opinions on CyberLink's PowerDirector and PhotoDirector applications? They have a bundle deal that ends up being only $90 with coupon code: CyberLink Coupon Code: WEB10P
  2. SteveReno

    Split Screen of 4K Raw & Edited

  3. Nimbus Ninja

    My macbook air just doesn't cut it. Making the switch

    Ever since buying the drone my Macbook Air went from "very expensive email viewer" to "piece of shit movie maker" :D Even at 1080p 60fps it gives me a hard time using resolve, GP Studio. So I say.. "I want to be a real boy!" I built this PC on pcpartpicker and I've tried going as low as I...
  4. S

    Best tablet?

    Looking into getting a tablet, photo and video quality are nothing to be impressed with on my phone (iphone 5). Whats the best tablet for both in flight footage and editing video/photos later??
  5. B

    Davinici Resolve 12

    This looks to be some great editing software (and free) and I have noted a few instances that people are using this software over GPS, Premiere and FCP X. For those with experience with the software, how are you editing GoPro 4K footage. Importing 4K footage and trying to edit, results in...