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    Solo backpack bundle, new gimbal, new batteries for sale (on eBay)

    I have 3 listings on eBay available for auction. The first is a 3DR solo backpack bundle w/ the drone, controller, 1 lightly used battery, 8 new props, tall feet, gimbal, and more. The drone was flown once to test. I purchased this bundle from best buy as a spare drone. LINK: Drone Bundle Link...
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    Ebay NO Warranty

    "I am sorry but ebay is not an authorized reseller and we will be unable to cover it under warranty. -santiago" Unpleasant surprise in the inbox...
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    Solo Bundle for Sale

    3DR SOLO Drone Bundle with GoPro Hero4 + Extras (SOLD) Included in the Bundle : 1 - 3DR SOLO drone 1 - 3DR SOLO controller 1 - 3DR SOLO Gimbal - installed 1 - 3DR SOLO hard case backpack 1 - GoPro fixed mount - not installed 2 - 3DR SOLO smart batteries 2 - 3DR SOLO battery chargers 1 - 3DR...