1. djdusk

    My first crash

    First post on here! When I received my brand new Solo, I was excited. With no experience, I spent hours on the simulator until I felt comfortable. I read through this forum's FAQ and pre-flight check (well done btw) then began my first flight. It was super easy, albeit nervous. I did a couple of...
  2. C

    Stripped Gimbal Screws?

    I received my Solo and Gimbal last week and finally had a moment to unbox and install the gimbal. Removing the static GoPro mount, I found 2 / 3 screws were incredibly difficult to remove. I was afraid of breaking off the threaded insert from the body. 45 mins later, I was able to work the...
  3. AirCanada

    3Dr Support, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

    At the beginning of April I finally had my first flight with the Solo. It was very good! The setting on the 4 Black were perfect and the 3D gimble performed great. The flight was 18 minutes. My problem was that the battery meter on my Ipad mini never went lower than 100% for the solo. I...