controller signal

  1. N

    Solo Controller Signal Lost After Takeoff

    Hey Guys, First off I love my solo. Today I started playing around with auto missions and Mission Planner. First mission went great. Second mission went well but at the end I lost the connection to the controller and it RTH just fine. So I went in the house double checked batteries and...
  2. Q

    Open inquiry for this novice pilot please!!

    Hey guys, I've had my solo for about 6 months now and have been super nervous flying in some situations that may be totally unreasonable... Now this hesitation stems from low flight time and two crashes (low level impacts). I am hoping to get some good feedback from some of you who may have...
  3. DattaGroover

    Frustrated, needing some help.

    I am having persistent video issues with my Solo. It occasionally works perfectly, but mostly the video feed is unusable. It works fine when the Solo is within 100 feet, but when it gets farther way, the video garbles. Facts: I have replaced the factory hdmi cable with a flat cable. I use...