controller battery

  1. kevinelvis

    Controller wont charge

    My controller refuses to charge, once plugged in it says charger connected but does nothing. I have tried everything with no luck. This whole set up is new and it worked perfectly until battery died. Any advice would be gratful!
  2. quick_dry

    Controller battery connector?

    Does anyone know what the part number is for the Solo controller battery connector? I can only find the info on the battery that goes on the Solo itself, not the one that goes in the Tx.
  3. C

    Solo Controller Battery Charger

    I have lost the charger for the controller. Luckily it's in a really convenient voltage: 8.3v @ 1.5amps I am wondering: 1) Can you use 9v? I know it's not made for that but could you? Would bad things happen? 2) Why such an odd voltage? Proprietary chargers or is there a engineering reason...