1. SurfnSkate81

    Solo Smart Battery - 3rd Party Charging Solutions

    Hi All, Currently there is a few different threads relating to battery charging. In an attempt to collate information from multiple threads and to make it easier to decipher. Could everyone using 3rd Party Charging Solutions please copy and paste the layout below and add your information to the...
  2. R

    Shell Replacement

    going to be doing a shell replacement due to a user error crash. following these instructions. I see him using some "super x glue" on the antenna's connectors. What kind of glue is this? SuperX glue is from japan and I'm not in japan. Anyone use a substitute for that job? thanks for the help
  3. B

    Couldn't acquire GPS at all! Until!

    First day with my Solo and couldn't get any GPS at all! Pulled the gimbal off for other for the 5th time, this time just to check the GPS connections and located the red wire in the connector was pushed out... I was able to push it back in and WA LAH! I got GPS I'll post a pic when I can. Hope...