connection problem

  1. M

    Hello again, trouble signing in with email on solo app.

    Hello everyone! So here's the problem everyone, I was helping a new solo drone owner setting up his drone and he couldn't use his gmail to login to the 3DR app. He was using the correct information and even reset his password to make sure with no luck at all. Sooo, I logged out of my details on...
  2. D

    Please help!!! My Solo App says me: "Waiting to hear from Solo" - and so constantly!

    Hello! I from Russia, I bought a new Solo with delivery from the US. I encountered with the following problem: When I go in flymode Solo app constantly writes that: "Waiting to hear from Solo". Connects to 2 seconds, and then is disconnected again and so constantly. If you do not go into...
  3. D

    Connecting to Solo and the controller forever...

    What it took so long to connect from a pc to the Solo/controller. This is what happen when i type ''solo info" command in the terminal. Introduction | 3DR Solo Development Guide tutorial here is completely uselss. I dont know what to do once i ssh to or
  4. Daniel Lang

    My iPhone 6 Plus will not detect the solo controller

    I'm firing up my Solo and controller for the very first time. I have the latest version of software installed. But when I turn on the controller, Solo is not detected in my phone's Bluetooth settings. It simply will not detect the controller. What am I doing wrong?