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    2 solos 2 gimbals updated GPS 6 batteries etc for sale Seattle Portland

    I'm selling my complete setup! in Seattle/Portland area - 1 solo and gimbal has never been flown!!, still in the box only opened to use the battery charger for my 6 batteries. I have extra props, the solo backpack and 2 controllers. I updated 1 of the solos GPS (Mro ublox) to recveive Glonass...
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    Searching for Gimbal

    Does anyone have a gimbal for sale. I am looking for one for father's day. I have been piecing together a bird for my pops and it is the last item I need. Thanks for any leads. I am not interested in any eBay price gouging BS so please come with a fair price.
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    Looking For 3DR Solo bundle!

    I am looking for a 3DR drone with gimbal, at least 2 batteries, backpack, and extra propellers optional, and of course, chargers for batteries and for the controller. Please reply with any questions or offers. Willing to negotiate price. Can be new or used. Thanks!