1. E

    3DR Solo Brain Transplant...

    Hi guys. Thanks for reading. I crashed my first Solo and it has been replaced, and now I have an idea: I want to transplant my Solo mainboard into a much larger drone. I have a bird that is based on a modified Tarot 650 frame with huge motors/props and a large gimbal that is way less...
  2. Disbro

    A 3DR Solo Flight at Raccoon Mt. (Highlight Reel)

    Recently joined the ranks of 3DR pilots... and I'm really pumped about being a 3DR Solo owner/shooter :) Let me know what you think about my flight reel! Thank you
  3. A

    Solo Cinematic Test - NYC (for fun)

    Decided to take some practice footage into AE. This is a quick and dirty edit of some flying time over at Calvert Faux Park in Brooklyn, NYC. The Solo platform has been a good fit for me. Looking forward to pushing creative limits with this drone.