1. BobPhoto

    Two Solos available. One with gimbal and HERE GPS. Backpack. Batts, etc. LOS ANGELES AREA

    Hey All. I have a few Solo items that are looking for a new home. Please feel free to make me a reasonable offer based on going rates. I hope to have interest from someone who is in the Los Angeles area so we can meet and I can avoid packing this all up for shipping :). Out of town buyers will...
  2. R

    Best Case for 3DR Solo?

    What you're using? How you like it? Enough space included for...?? redjr
  3. R

    Solo and Iris owners: Would the Solo fit in a Iris hard case?

    I have an opportunity to buy an Iris hard case for under $100. From a dimension comparison, the Solo is slightly smaller so it looks like it should fit in the case with some 'alterations' to the foam cutouts. The long dimension of the Iris body is perpendicular to the long axis of the rotor...
  4. F

    Case for Solo + Gimball

    Hi guys, Do you know if this case can contain the Solo + Gimball at same time ? Mallette rigide Type 6000 de B&W International pour drone intelligent Solo de 3DR - Noir Thanks for your help :) Ben
  5. S

    3dr solo case

    Has anyone tried this case: I am considering getting it but I don't really know much about it yet. Would anyone care to explain. Thanks!
  6. K

    HPRC 2700W Case For Solo

    Just got this case in the mail today! Got it from B&H Used Dept. Tho it looks brand new. it was only $149! So i figured id pick it up. Right off the bat i love this thing it rolls well and fits everything I need it to fit. Having a case with props already on is a huge plus and i even have Poler...
  7. z-axis

    Solo GPC Case $150 SOLD!

    (SOLD) I am selling my lightly-used Solo GPC Case. It's in near-new condition and is ready for a new home. Buyer pays shipping, which should be $20-30 for FedEx Ground. PM me if interested! -Brit (aka z-axis)