carrier board

  1. K

    Pixhawk 2.0 for motor vibration analysis - need a carrier board

    Working on using a spare Pixhawk 2.0 cube for motor vibration analysis and dynamic balancing. 1. Stand-alone test bed for single motors, first for Solo motors with board, later for motors alone 2. Audio measurements (FFT of recordings, dB loudness) 3. Mission Planner software connected by USB...
  2. P43YM

    Compact Solo Extremely slow worklog

    Greetings! And welcome! ;-) I already wrote a couple of times in different threads about my sluggish project of a compact solo and decided to start my own thread. I bought a year ago electronics and controller from solo on ebay and planned to make a clone of Mavic, but the lack of time and...
  3. MrDuino

    Pixhawk (Black cube) ‘standard’ carrier boards

    Please forgive me if the answer to this is somewhere in the forums, I have had a good search and read heaps but can’t find anything definitive. With all these Green cubes getting purchased, I’d assume there are loads of people out there with spare black cubes, which could be reused for other...