1. D

    Droning as a Media business idea

    Hey guys My buddy and I are new to the drone world. We had an idea to use drones to fly around with a flag or advertisement of some sort around populated areas. Here is a link to the survey, if you have additional comments or drone specs that we didn't address please comment below, we'd love...
  2. Robert Rose

    FAA Overreach on Applicability of Part 107 Rules

    This one should get your blood boiling. If not, then I have not been clear enough. You thought that Part 107 only applied to commercial work/business activity, right? NO SAYS THE FAA. By now you are aware that there is a special rule for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, and other...
  3. U

    Recommendations on mapping equipment and software for future agriculture survey business.

    Hey y'all, just got my solo in the mail last week and I love it! With the new Part 107 rules coming into effect soon, there is a real opportunity to get a jump start in agriculture surveying in my area with UAV's. I've done some research here on google and here on the forums and I apologize if...