1. B

    Drone Down... What next

    Hey All, Had an unfortunate series of events take place yesterday in Tampa. I'm here on assignment filming some Broll of the city for a client. I shot several nice drone sequences and was filming near the Skyway bridge to finish the day. I setup on the North fishing point so I could have close...
  2. Global_Saffer

    Hair brain idea, or cheap proof of concept for bridge inspection?

    So maybe this is completely hair brained, but.... A student wants to do a proof of concept for IR bridge inspection, but has a pretty limited budget. Would a IR cell phone attachment, attached to a phone with a HDMI output, connected via an adapter to the Solo HDMI cable, and mounted on top of...
  3. Bamboo Farmer

    The Iron Giant On le' Root River

    Solo w/ GoPro Hero Black4 27K FOV: Medium 24 FPS Polar Pro ND4
  4. B

    Flying under a bridge

    Hey guys, has any Solo owner here flown under a bridge? I've got a shot I want following a river and it goes under a bridge about 20m wide, and conceivably Solo could lose GPS lock in the couple of seconds it's under the bridge. I'd like to know whether it carries on in the chosen orientation...