1. Travelfox

    Take Me Away: THE TALL SHIPS REGATTA in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

    Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm in Lunenburg - a town in the South Shore of NS, where a collection of the world's largest sailing ships are docked for this year's Tall Ships Regatta. Significantly featured in the video is the beautiful wooden Victorian building- the Lunenburg Academy of...
  2. 1


    Really new to drones and the 3DR. Mainly bought it to make some fun videos of my time on the water with friends. Had a break from the cool weather this week so we took the 3DR out with the boat for some wakesurfing. Didn't have a lot of time to do many shots but had some fun and I think made...
  3. M

    Solo acting crazy on a boat

    Hey everyone, Was attempting to launch from a large aluminum boat today. After starting up (it didnt chirp) and connecting everything, my battery read out was at 0%. Swapped batteries (both were fully charged) and fired it up again to the same problem. No magnetic interference warnings, or...