black screen

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    Can't see the live view from the GoPro any longer

    Hi all, I'm a total newby with the 3DR, and I've ran into a large issue. This morning, I updated my GoPro Hero 4 Silver to firmware 5.0 finally. I tried to fly it, and I received a black screen from the feed of the GoPro. I tried to downgrade to 3.0, 2.0, 1.0, but nothing fixed it. I've tried...
  2. B

    Black screen with gimbal / video feed when directly connected

    Let me clarify. I don't have a direct video feed while using the gimbal. I've taken it apart and made sure it was snug, tried different boot up combinations, changed the firmware on the GoPro the whole nine yards... when I took the gimbal off and plugged it in directly to the GoPro... BAM I SAW...
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    No Live feed in solo app on my Iphone 6 - Tried almost everything. Help!

    So I bought a 3DR solo since I had a GP3+Black edition. Couldn't pass up the BB deal at $299 for such a great drone. Either I am really unlucky or I am missing something. So I installed the gimbal, updated all the firmware on the solo, running V3.03 on GP, set video to 1080/30 medium view...