best 3dr solo antenna

  1. Coach K

    If you could only perform (1) Mod to your 3DR Solo?

    Hello, my first post here and I am still waiting for my 3DR Solo to arrive. I have viewed 100s of videos and read countless opinions and there doesn't seem to be a common consensus of which Mod would be the first if not the only one. So I am asking the community of Pilots who I consider far more...
  2. B

    FS: 3DR Solo Backpack Bundle w/ 2 Batteries and Gimbal

    I have flown this drone a total of two times. It's in excellent condition, batteries have been charged two times. Bundle will come with the original box. $400 plus shipping. Paypal, US only. 1x Solo 2x Batteries 2x sets of propellors 2x charger 1x backpack 1x gimbal IMG_0533 by Bushcat posted...
  3. S

    Best After Market Solo Antenna

    Hey guys. Have a new Solo with all the kit in Australia. Love it. Now we have some amazing coastlines and water areas, and I'm desperately searching for the best long-range antenna to plug into my Solo. I don't need a 4mile setup. But I'd like something robust, easy to plug in and still...