1. FlyProKei

    Calling all Solex Users

    I have the M8n Mro GPS , Alpha Antennas and thats about it as far as mods .... im not an expert at all with the drone , is solex an app for beginners ? what are Key reasons to download? if you have instragram follow me @FlyProKei and i will follow back. thanks
  2. AirCanada

    Solo Simulator Glitches and Treasures

    As any new beginer, you want to hone your flight skills here before you risk your 2k CAD Solo. After getting used to the controls and flight characteristics, you might wander around and inspect all the area of this 3d map. I have been buzzing around this simulator fir the past few days and...
  3. DroneNerd702

    Newbee Dumb Questions

    Even after reading the user manual, one pass only, I haven't been able to suppress my inner Arnold Horshack from impulsively raising an arm in this forum, say "Uu! Uu! Uu!", and ask the following dumb questions...where da heck is the "Search" feature? Too excited to ask dumb questions to look...
  4. B

    Fresh meat-

    Hey all, New guy on the forums, in fact new to the whole drone experience. I'm currently waiting for my Solo to arrive on my doorstep, and am anxiously anticipating the day. In the meantime I've been parusing forums just trying to get a feel for what exactly I'm getting myself into...