1. A

    Aerial Video of White Point Beach, Nova Scotia taken by 3DR Solo

    Took the family to White Point, NS this Summer for vacation. We absolutely love the South Shore! We rented a house in White Point and my Son and I took a walk to the beach to launch my 3DR Solo to capture some aerial video. I was only able to fly one battery before the staff asked me to stop...
  2. R

    Drone Laws in California

    Hi everyone, I'm going on a trip to california soon and hope to bring my solo with me. I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding specific laws within california. Some resaerching led me to believe it was all very similar to federal laws. I hope to fly around some beaches in san...
  3. E

    Some flight time by the beach

    Did some editing and added some music, let me know what you think.
  4. Jason Murray

    Solo in Auckland New Zealand

    I've been in Auckland for a couple weeks now studying, and just got a chance to fly my drone. It's been tough to try to get outside the airport "no fly zones" because I don't have a vehicle, but I finally did so the other day and put this video together. The aerials are nothing compared to the...