battery charge

  1. Ivan Riobla

    Battery down in 3, 2 , 1 ..... solo software problem ?

    So i took the solo for a flight the battery went down in seconds , later i put the battery to charge i took it out for another flight and from the normal 10 / 14 minute flight time down to only 2 minutes max. two days later i charge the battery again took the drone out and just went up about...
  2. MRoD

    SOLO Battery draining rapidly

    A weird thing occurred today. I took off as always, everything started up as it should, I had a fully charged battery and took it up around 50ft and started fly to my destination around 20ft and I saw the battery go from 96% to 15% in 1minute. I have never had the battery drain so fast. Has...
  3. P

    Does Solo have to charge the GoPro?

    Does Solo have to charge the GoPro or is it possible to disable this? I’m not sure I see the benefit of the GoPro drawing a charge from the Solo when it can last the equivalent of 5 flights with its own battery. Assuming the GoPro must have some impact on the drain of the Solo battery, I’d...