1. S

    3DR Solo Balancing without GoPro

    I was wondering whether one needs to rebalance Solo (without gimbal), once he removes the GoPro (e.g. for sport flying)? I suppose that the GoPro is held on the CoG of Solo, but still it is a good thing to think about it...
  2. SurfnSkate81

    Back-Bone Dead Weight Configurations

    Hello Solo pilots and if your like me spending more time being a Solo mechanic instead of flying, then hello Solo mechanics. I'm having trouble getting my Back-Bone Dead Weight perfect. I'm using the Polar Pro filters. I know it has been mentioned in other posts that it would be good to have a...
  3. D

    AliExpress (china direct) prop balancer

    Has anyone braved ordering their prop balancer direct from china? A knock off brand. See this link: New OCDAY Tru Spin Prop Propeller Balancer for RC Helicopter Multirotor Airplane-in Parts & Accessories from Toys & Hobbies on | Alibaba Group Seems like a great price at $32 CDN...
  4. TheBasicPilot

    This is how I balance my Props and Hubs

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  5. RichWest

    Motor - Balance Data

    I believe I have a motor that is out of balance by a large margin. However after recording with my phone's accelerometer and a vibration app I'm not sure how to analyze the information correctly. The motor testing was done one at a time through Mission Planner. The phone was placed on the...