1. eclipseforever


    Hey guys, im a new drone pilot. Im also a Best Buy Elite member as well. Ive had my eye on 3DR Solo for a year and one day it was $399. I purchased it and I love it. I get 30 day return and i have 3 days left to return. Im thinking of upgrading it to Karma for portability. I have a motorcycle...
  2. S

    What backpack fits the 48 x 38 x 25 cm foam that comes with Solo and is easy to get Solo out?

    I carry solo around a bit and it is really inconvenient to carry solo in the original case when on a bicycle and the backpack 3dr offers is WAY WAY over priced (130 $ to 160 $) so I was wondering if anyone else has had any success putting the foam insert that came with solo into a back pack, and...