1. Robpower

    Brand new solo gimballs for sale

    i have 2 x brand new solo gimballs for sale, new in box, still sealed. I am asking $150 US each for them plus freight. They are spare and would like to see them go to someone who might need them. I am located in Australia and happy to ship (registered tracked freight only) Thanks, Rob
  2. B

    Aussies, parts lot for sale

    Aussies, I have some parts for sale. Will go to the first decent offer. A warning first, this Solo went for a dip in the ocean. Parts are as follows, Shell, undamaged apart from a minor scorch mark from a motor pod. 4 x motors pods, non functioning, motors may be OK, 2 turn fine, the other two...
  3. C

    triflow pinpoint applicator australia

    to aussie Solo owners does anyone know where to get the much discussed triflow pinpoint applicator in australia? bike shops seem to have the wet triflow bottle with a straw, but I am guessing that the dry one or the pinpoint applicator that seems readily available in the USA is harder to find...
  4. Vernon Deck

    Babes on Board #2

    Week two with Ylva and Tina aboard. Whitehaven Beach has 99.7% pure silica sand, which makes it pretty white and amazingly soft. Its pretty windy(20knots) when we visit but I decided to fly Solo anyway and end up getting some pretty nice shots of Tina enjoying the beach.
  5. Vernon Deck

    Solo Sailing mission to Hook Reef

    A perfect weather window presented itself so I took off on a solo mission out to Hook Reef, about 8 hours sail from the mainland. Four days of amazingness followed! Great sunsets, good spearfishing and some encounters with sharks made for an epic adventure. The sea was calm enough that I could...
  6. Vernon Deck

    Middle Percy Island with Solo

    We sail to the amazing little Island of Middle Percy, park Nautilus in the lagoon and settle in for 2 weeks of tropical island bliss, coconuts and all. Solo came along too.