1. T

    High altitude flight

    Hi, I'm going to fly my solo in high altitude range. (2,500~4,000m) It means I will fly it in mountain so it is regal. Is that be able to fly with normal prop?If it is difficult to fly, I will change props to aps 1045 props. Also, which is the maximum size of prop? Please tell me diameter and...
  2. C

    First impressions & 3 questions

    I picked up a Solo a Best Buy on Tuesday and have had a couple of successful test missions as of today (Friday). First let me say thanks to the contributors on this forum. I wouldn't be flying today if not for the info gleaned scanning the thread history over the last week. I hope it continues...
  3. Granite

    Altitude limit

    There use to be a no limit altitude setting on the 3dr solo. What happened to it? Im only able to go to around 395-400ft. I have permission to fly higher but idk how to make it. Please help.