1. G

    Quad-C ESCs

    Hi Folks! I'm looking for some information with regards to some legacy hardware, the Quad-C from 3DR: I have these ESCs: 1. Does anyone have a user...
  2. T

    High altitude flight

    Hi, I'm going to fly my solo in high altitude range. (2,500~4,000m) It means I will fly it in mountain so it is regal. Is that be able to fly with normal prop?If it is difficult to fly, I will change props to aps 1045 props. Also, which is the maximum size of prop? Please tell me diameter and...
  3. R

    Photo Platform: Am I Overweight (no donuts) ?

    I have developed a loathing for GoPro cameras in general, and have been trying to throw together an alternative platform for still photography (primarily archaeological sites) without much money and few technical skills. My first attempt, trying to add a second camera in the back, off the...
  4. D

    Mission Planner, Solo, and negative Attitudes

    Good day All, I have a questions about Mission Planner altitudes. I need to fly a series of survey missions in a small valley, but the only takeoff locations are pretty high up said valley. I just did a test and Mission Planner will not let me write way points with negative altitudes, and...
  5. C

    First impressions & 3 questions

    I picked up a Solo a Best Buy on Tuesday and have had a couple of successful test missions as of today (Friday). First let me say thanks to the contributors on this forum. I wouldn't be flying today if not for the info gleaned scanning the thread history over the last week. I hope it continues...
  6. sparkplug23

    EKF Flyaway!

    Hey guys, So two days ago I got to experience the joys of a fly away. At the time, I spent a day looking in the fields I thought it went, but after learning how to pull the tlogs from the controller I discovered I was way off. I have lodged a ticket with 3DR and am anxiously waiting to hear...
  7. Ed Beck

    Tower Survey: Climb in Place?

    I use Tower to create a survey mission, by default it seems to climb on its way to the first waypoint. Is there a way to tell it to climb to the survey altitude and then proceed to the first waypoint? The application for it is if I'm doing a survey in the middle of a forest and take off from a...
  8. Robert Rose

    Airport Phone Numbers

    I am making a listing of airport manager phone numbers and whether it is uncontrolled and has published instrument procedures. It is here: Airports | RosePatents | Robert Rose Recreational fliers need the info to give notice, and commercial flights need the info to determine the 5/3/2 nautical...
  9. B

    smart shot altitude variance

    Today I was working with cable cam. I had solo about 8 ft off the ground for point A, and took it up to 187 ft for point B. I did a couple tests with it running autonomously, the seemed to be fine, a little off course but as to be expected in light wind and GPS Acuracy and what not. Once I...
  10. A

    Pixhawk and Lidar Lite

    Is it possible to have the pixhawk use the lidar lite altitude instead of the barometer altitude?