1. K

    AMA partnering with Airmap

    The AMA is partnering with Airmap and offering the ap to AMA members. Home - AirMap Does anyone have experience with this ap?
  2. M


    (First post here - Hi!) There are two private helipads listed a little more than 1 NM across a lake to the east of my home - I doubt they are used any longer but even so, contacting them is not an issue. Otherwise I have no other formal restrictions on flying my drone from my home... However...
  3. Captain Zepher

    ATC Rejection

    I tried to get authorization from EYW for a flight this SAT but I got "Key West International tower does not entertain drones with in the class delta airspace. There are too many low flying manned aircraft." ...Rejected Feels bad man. Anyone have any ATC encounters?