1. Maddog

    Free online charts

    Good resource for online sectional charts, etc. SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts
  2. Maddog

    AOPA Airport Directory

    This is a pretty good online airport directory: AOPA Airports is an online database of thousands of public- and private-use airports. Airport listings include airport diagrams, fuel prices, and more.
  3. L

    traveling overseas with a Solo

    has anyone traveled overseas with a solo? I am heading to Aruba next month and would like to know on where I can find info regarding airlines, packing, restrictions etc. Don't want any surprises but I do want some nice aerial video and pics. thanks!
  4. Ian [P13]

    The Heathrow "drone" incident

    A parody of the alleged drone incident at Heathrow, which the transport minister has since said could have been a plastic bag.