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    3DR Aero-M fixed-wing Pix4Dmapper

    I have a complete 3DR Aero-M that I am looking to sell. My employer got this setup a few years ago with the idea that we would use it to map some of our properties, but truthfully that isn't really that practical and the one person who MIGHT have been able to use it no longer works here. (I have...
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    For Sale - New - 3DR Aero-M RTF Kit - $4000

    Hey guys! In an effort to clear some room at our offices, we're parting ways with a new RTF Aero-M in it's hard case with Spektrum DX6 Radio and Canon S-100 Camera. We've got some other DJI equipment in another forum as well, but more to the point this is a legacy product of 3D Robotics for...