3dr solo gimbals

  1. M

    Would anyone out there be willing to sell their broken 3DR Solo gimbal for $10 plus shipping?

    I'm looking to buy anyone's complete (all parts) broken / non-working 3DR Solo Gimbal for $10 plus shipping? If not for $10 & shipping, what would you let it go for?
  2. Projeffrey11

    Solo with gimbal in 4k 30fps wide view test one

    First flight with the 3DR Solo gimbal I wanted to address the false claims that with the GoPro at 4k wide view you could see the legs of the quad copter obviously you can't, also at full speed in fly mode with the camera gimbal at a 90 degree angle you could see the props this is due to Solo...
  3. K

    Gimbal completely looses it on 2nd flight

    First flight with gimbal, pretty much flawless. Second flight, not so much. The only variable was using a different battery.
  4. Morenos Studios

    3D Robotics Claim Best Buy Will Receive Gimbals This Weekend!

    I called 3D Robotics today informing about when will Best Buy receive the 3DR Sight Gimbals and was informed that they should have them by the end of the week. I also enquired about when would preorders and new orders placed on the 3D Robotics site be shipped; they informed me gimbals are...