3dr app

  1. I

    3DR solo stuck at Preflight Update. Cant find the SOLO.

    My 3DR Solo Drone is stuck at the preflight update screen on the controller and I cant update it through the app as it says "SOLO Not Found". I tried factory resetting it by pressing the button on back. It blinks the Orange LED as told..Updates the controller but doesnt reboot on its own and...
  2. T

    Android Oreo (Android 8)

    Just received notification that Android 8 (Oreo) is available for my Samsung S7. I searched but there appear to be no posts about it. Does anyone else have it installed and if so, are there any issues with the 3DR app?
  3. Coach K

    If you could only perform (1) Mod to your 3DR Solo?

    Hello, my first post here and I am still waiting for my 3DR Solo to arrive. I have viewed 100s of videos and read countless opinions and there doesn't seem to be a common consensus of which Mod would be the first if not the only one. So I am asking the community of Pilots who I consider far more...
  4. NJumper

    Video Questions

    Hello everyone, please bare with me, I am BRAND NEW to flying drones, and the 3DR Solo is my first drone. I love how easy it's been learning how to fly it, and how nicely it responds to commands. My question is about video capture? Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place for this...
  5. Peter Spero

    Follow Me - Looking for Guidance

    Sorry if I'm missing something simple here. I totally see how to setup follow me so Solo will follow my controller. But what if I want to control the camera and angle from one vehicle while Solo follows, let's say, a motorcycle. I'm assuming that I need to put an iPhone in motorcycle guys...
  6. M

    Xiaomi mi3 compatible

    After thinking that it was a bad idea buying this bird, because my phone was not compatible with the app, i overcame play store and got the solo app. The app is installed on my mi3 without any problem. It works on mi Mi3 when that smartphone is not listed. I haven´t flown it yet since i was...