2.4 update problems

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    Solo app 2.4 Beta. Should I try it?

    I'm not quite new to quads but I am new to Solo. Brief history. I ordered a new Solo and 3 axis gimbal last week. When they arrived, I carefully installed the gimbal. When I started everything up, the gimbal just kept sort of bouncing vertically, like it was trying to get straight but couldn't...
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    Solo smart shots with latest update

    I updated solo recently to 2.4 (I think thats what it was) which I'm pretty sure has the new smart shots (zip line, panno, etc.)My question is, where are they? When I pull up smart shots on the app I only see the the original shots. Thought I saw something about having to make a change to the...
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    Follow me shots in 2.4 upgrade problems

    Since updating to 2.4 on ios I have had various issues. The one that seems to be the worst is the follow me features. When I set follow me shot, Solo counts down from 3, then pans to the left of me (and controller) having me out of frame slightly. Then when I move around, Solo sporadically...