1. linsey

    Short and Sweet Drone Training Course at Boeing Field

    Last weekend I took a "how to fly a drone" class at Galvin Flight in Seattle. It was a great overview of what one needs to know to be safe, legal, and what it takes to pass the FAA Part 107 test. They are having another course next month Learn To Fly A Drone | Galvin Flying.
  2. N

    Wanted: valid 107 pilots in California

    connect with us via linkedin. David McCreary . you will be asked to sign a non disclosure if you are serious about contracting aerial work. Blue skies, Dave
  3. S

    Hiring Contract 107 Pilots in US

    DATAWING EXPANDS NETWORK TO SUPPORT GROWING CLIENT BASE We are excited to invite you to join our national network of UAV drone service providers. DataWing has worked very hard to secure nationwide contracts and now we need to build our ranks to meet demand. This network is different from some...